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Osage Forest of Peace 

Director Position Description


Position: Director, Osage Forest of Peace

Status: Full-time  

Reports to: President, Board of Directors 


Position Summary 

The  Director will build on the Forest’s rich history while increasing and diversifying its reach and impact. The Director will provide operational and personal leadership as they oversee the various components of the Forest, including programming, finances, retreats, operations, facilities, and visitors.

The Director will passionately live out and champion the Values, Mission,  and Goals/Objectives of the Forest in accord with the Board of Directors’ policies and guidance. The Director will serve as a liaison between the staff, Board of Directors, and community at large.

The Director will embody a contemplative spiritual presence with an ethic of high integrity and compassion, and will be committed to supporting a contemplative way of life in the community. This spiritual presence is critical to the success of this position, as well as keeping the Forest a welcoming place of sacred hospitality.



  1. Commitment to a contemplative spiritual life. This includes a deep appreciation for and desire to lead a contemplative community.

  2. Proven experience, abilities, and integrity in leading a retreat center, spiritual center, or religious organization, including writing and managing retreat contracts, managing facilities, finances, staff, and vendors, while upholding high-quality hospitality.

  3. Fundraising experience, including donor development, donor database management and direct mail appeals.

  4. Well-rounded communicator with the written and verbal skills required to effectively and professionally work with the public, guests and staff.

  5. Abilities and experience with team building with staff, volunteers and Board.

  6. Competent with computer skills, including Microsoft Office.

  7. Possess or obtain certifications in CPR, First Aid and AED within the first 120 days of employment.


General Expectations

The Director shall:

  1. View the position of the Director as an opportunity to fulfill his/her own call to spiritual service, being inspired by the transformative power of Osage Forest of Peace’s retreat ministry.

  2. Employ creativity, integrity and initiative to accomplish the Board goals in fulfilling the Strategic Plan.

  3. Present a positive and professional image of the Forest.

  4. Conduct operations with a high level of emotional intelligence and maturity, which includes the ability to act calmly under duress, to make critical decisions in a quick and logical manner, and to handle conflict  in a sensitive, loving and yet firm manner that leads to growth for all concerned. 

  5. Demonstrate excellent administrative and management skills, including financial management, marketing, public relations, customer service, personnel management, reports/records management, and facility management. 

  6. Provide creative win-win solutions to complex issues and concerns in a professional manner.

  7. Create and ensure a safe, sacred space for staff and participants.

  8. Build and maintain effective professional working relationships with staff, volunteers, Board members, donors, and guests. This includes communicating professionally with these constituents and being at ease speaking privately and publicly. 

  9. Work within a flexible schedule which will include working some evenings or weekends and being on-call when necessary. Be able to work independently with a high degree of self-motivation and organization.


Specific Responsibilities

Financial Management

  • Ensure the financial integrity and responsible management of Osage, including overseeing operational and capital budgets, providing quarterly financial reports, and establishing appropriate guest fees in partnership with the Board Treasurer.

  • Provide vision and direction for the creation and implementation of short- and long-term development plans for both operating and capital budgets. 

  • Ensure the annual budget is followed, closely monitoring expenditures to ensure efficient operations of each operational area.

  • Regularly engage in fundraising and donor development activities, including donor calls/visits, sending thank you letters, and maintaining a donor database.

  • Work with the Board to establish an Endowment Fund.


Staff Management

  • Hire, train, oversee, guide and evaluate all staff, community residents, and volunteers.

  • Develop and nurture a cooperative, cohesive team environment that reflects our mission and values.

  • Hold staff accountable for high-quality results, which includes providing ongoing feedback, a formal annual performance review to measure progress, and appropriate training.  

  • Possess strong working familiarity of staff responsibilities. 

  • Evaluate staffing patterns and make changes for the most effective use of paid and volunteer staff.

Programs and Guest Experience

  • Lead the creation, development and evaluation of the effectiveness of all programs and activities. 

  • Create an offering of sponsored retreats throughout the year that align with the overall mission. This includes programming to reach broader demographics, i.e. be a “retreat entrepreneur.” 

  • Oversee all individual and group retreat contracting.

  • Oversee the retreat ministry to insure a high level of hospitality that embodies our mission and values. This will include written procedures for orientation, regular check-ins, check-out, linen service, and guest feedback. 

  • Maintain and develop relationships with existing and future user groups and individuals, make sure that a Forest staff member personally greets each user group upon their arrival.

  • Be responsible for “on call” emergency duties for guests as needed.



  • In the spirit of simplicity, oversee the maintenance of clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and well-functioning facilities and land to meet the programmatic needs of the Forest. 

  • Oversee all maintenance projects, developing short and long-term maintenance plans and capital projects. 

  • Ensure the facility operates as a good steward of natural resources, including minimizing waste and carbon emissions.

  • Learn the core maintenance operations of the site (as a backup).


Marketing/Public Relations

  • Create and manage an effective marketing program to expand the reach of the Forest.

  • Develop and maintain appropriate and timely print, media and online marketing and promotional materials, including regular newsletters.

  • Connect with, represent, and promote the mission of the Forest to various constituencies, including local houses of worship, other local organizations, governmental units, business associations, etc.


Board of Directors

  • Coordinate with and support the work of the Board of Directors, upholding Board policies.

  • Regularly meet with and report to the Board with a focus on organizational objectives, financial status, maintenance/capital projects, etc.

  • Serve as an ex officio member on all Board committees (except Executive Committee), working with committee chairs to recruit and engage members in strategy, development, and implementation.

  • Prepare and update organizational policies for Board approval.


Misc Administration

  • Develop, oversee and enforce the implementation of health care and risk management protocols, ensuring that all legal regulations and requirements are met and that a safe environment is maintained for all. 

  • Represent the Forest with governmental & regulatory agencies. 

  • Develop contacts and negotiate costs with selected preferred vendors.

  • Respond to all complaints in a professional and timely manner.

  • Perform other responsibilities as necessary or as assigned by the Board.


Compensation Package

$43,000 - $52,000. Includes: 

  • Housing at the Forest*

  • Health Insurance reimbursement / payment up to $8,000

  • Cash Salary

Additional bonus consideration dependent on financial performance. 

Generous vacation package.

*Note: Residence at the Forest is strongly preferred, though optional. Osage cannot reimburse the Director for housing/utility costs if they choose to live off-site.

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