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Innovative approaches.

Practical strategies.

Exceptional results.

Empowering Guidance for Aspiring Organizations

We guide and empower mission-driven organizations to achieve tangible results towards fulfilling their greatest vision. 

To do so, we integrate solid data, thoughtful guidance, and practical strategies with unconventional thinking and inspired visioning to maximize our clients' impact in creating a better world.

Holding Hands

Coming from diverse backgrounds in corporate management and international development, we felt a strong calling to work together to make a difference in the world. After co-directing nonprofits for 14 years, we began consulting in 2011 to share our passion and experience with others in the nonprofit realm.


No matter what phase your organization is in, we provide top-to-bottom services, from strategic planning, financial management, staff and Board development, master/site planning and more. In any of these areas, we can lead, facilitate, advise, or train. 


Whether you need a simple phone consultation, a thorough assessment, meeting facilitation - or you're so overwhelmed you don't even know quite what you need - we're here to support you. 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with many consultants over the years and our work with Andrew and Marie will always be remembered fondly. Their deep experience and proven track record, along with an amazing ability to ask the right questions, helped us to clarify our approach. Their final report included straightforward action steps that we are putting into place to achieve our mission.”

Holistic Mindset

Embodying a well-rounded approach that values data as well as relationships;

the intellectual and the intuitive; the practical and the visionary.


Creating a synergetic team with our clients in which all information can be safely and openly shared through honesty, active listening, and empathy. 


Helping clients solve problems for themselves. Striving to share tools and skills that help build organizational capacity long after our involvement. 


Engaging the power of an organization’s both real and potential strengths as the foundation for building a thriving future. 


Employing the most efficient and effective ways that make real differences in outcomes on the ground, both in the short and long-term.

“Marie and Andrew quickly assimilated to our facilities and produced results, including a thorough assessment of our entire operation. We found them to be objective and willing to tell us what we needed to hear.  They were very compassionate and diplomatic about how they shared their findings to help us look to the future. They exceeded all of our expectations and provided a working document for us to grow."
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