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We typically begin with a conversation to review your organization's needs and challenges, as well as the potential ways we might help. Depending on your specific needs, location, and personal preference, we then move forward with the approach that best serves your needs. 

"I knew I needed help, but I didn't know what I needed when I first called you. 

Thank you for asking thoughtful questions, for walking me through options, and especially for being so kind and gracious every step of the way.  I felt relieved from Day 1 with you two!"

"Thank you very much for bringing your energies, experience and ideas to helping us found our foundation. Your assistance was critically useful and illuminating."

Phone or Video Conversations

talking on phones

If the presenting issue(s) is relatively short-term and limited in scope, our work may often continue on voice or video calls. These can range from a simple connection to share insights or guide you through a particular issue, to a more extensive series of consultations to assist the leadership through a difficult challenge(s), including possible ways forward. These can take the form of one-on-one executive coaching with staff or Board leadership, or group work.


Assessments and Reports

Analyzing Graphs

These in-depth assessments involve several distance conversations and at least one on-site visit. The length and extent of these depend upon the scope of work and the nature of the presenting challenge(s). The ultimate outcome is a detailed written organizational assessment accompanied by some form of thorough review or presentation of the assessment with the client.

Facilitation of Meetings,Workshops, Retreats, or Trainings

Audiovisual Conference

We can plan and lead impactful, customized trainings and skill-building workshops in all the areas listed in our services.  Or, if your staff and/or Board is needing intentional team-building, a morale boost, and/or wellness time, we are also available to create unique and memorable retreats that leave your staff or Board members feeling nourished and re-inspired about the work they do. (Often we combine a bit of both.) We can either plan and create sessions for you to lead, or facilitate ourselves. We can also serve as a facilitator for challenging or significant discussions in which a third-party may be advantageous.

Interim Directorship & Project Management

Giving a Presentation

Having worked as both Executive Directors and consultants, we are in a unique position to offer our services in both simultaneously as Interim Directors and/or Project Managers. When an organization is in between Executives, there is often a need for continuous on-site leadership and an opportunity for outside assessment or input before hiring your next Executive Director.  We can work with you to custom-design the nature and focus of this arrangement. 

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