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Coming soon: A new kind of healing center

Providing exceptional holistic care during life's unexpected challenges
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We are inspired to be creating a unique transformational space for healing, and we are inviting the support of others who may resonate with this vision to assist us in its creation. 

Despite one’s best-laid plans, few of us get through life without experiencing significant challenges, unexpected hardships, or traumas that deeply test us physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. The death of a loved one...a life-altering diagnosis...sudden loss of a job…the breakup of a family...or perhaps a deep existential struggle. While these are often vulnerable and tender times, they can also be potent opportunities for growth and transformation. 

How powerful would it be if, in such times, one had access to a peaceful, beautiful, and energetically-supportive space to hold them? A place to regroup and be nurtured and guided by skillful counselors and healers (human and animal) who understand and honor the complexity, depth and breadth of the human experience. Sadly, the reality is that countless people face these transition periods alone, or with well-meaning family, friends, and neighbors who are unable to fully attend to their needs, or in spaces that aren't conducive to the time, space, rest, and support needed.

After witnessing friends, family and clients navigate such challenges over the years, we've asked ourselves: "What would be the most helpful and supportive space during those times?” In fact, many clients have asked for recommendations of such spaces, and surprisingly - given our experience running retreat centers and our professional networks in this realm - we haven’t seen the particular constellation of elements that many are seeking.  As we’ve reflected on this through the years, we’ve created a vision for this kind of holistic healing center. We envision:


●   An intimate property in a beautiful, peaceful, and nourishing natural environment away from the noise and busyness of everyday life.

●   A space where one can unplug and realign with the natural rhythms of their innate intelligence and that of the planet.

●   A space that offers communion with the profoundly healing energies of rescue animals, herb and flower gardens, and other natural elements like water and wooded trails, all of which provide a sense of harmony that effortlessly soothes and reconnects us to ourselves, to the planet, and to the Divine.

●   Comfortable and beautiful living spaces to allow guests to feel independent and at home for one to four weeks of healing and renewal.

●   A skilled, supportive staff to offer individual sessions to address physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing, such as nutritional support, energetic or somatic therapies, past-life regression therapy, water therapies, and/or counseling/coaching.

While different than traditional retreat centers, workshop spaces, spas, hospitals or rehabilitation centers, this vision draws inspiration from the elements of many: the role of gardens and farm animals at European care-farms; the consciousness and mindfulness of meditation sanctuaries; the healing power of nature and forest-bathing from Japanese shinrin-yoku retreats; the sacred space, solitude and spiritual guidance of monasteries; the healthful cuisine and detox programs of Ayurvedic or yoga centers; and the customizable menu of support services typical of spas. All held in the nurturing embrace of a skilled and caring staff.

We are creating the kind of space that a compassionate society – one that honors the potency of transitional times and liminal spaces – would offer not only for the deep healing of the individual but also for the elevation of the collective consciousness itself.

With nearly three decades of success in both managing retreat centers and facilitating holistic healing, we bring a balance of head and heart, earthly practicality and spiritual vision, and left- and right-brained approaches to manifest this vision. 

We are seeking support from like-minded individuals to bring this vision to fruition. If this vision stirs something in you (or anyone you know), we'd love to have a conversation to share more specifics and discuss the inspiring possibilities. Contact us here.

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